About Chef  K

Traditional cooking has always been in my blood. My grandmother and mom taught me to cook from the tender age of 7. Helping my mom and grandmother with holiday dinners and the house filled with family and friends are very happy memories for me.

It is from this heritage that I am so passionate about meeting all kinds of people here in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. 

My greatest strength is teaching others the benefit of a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle. I show them how to introduce much-needed nutrition into their bodies, and sometimes their family too!  I demonstrate how to create meals by being more health conscious.  I believe that healthier families equal a healthier community and a healthy community equals a healthier world.

My Story

I know eating right is hard. 
For as long as I can remember, I didn’t feel well. Severe sciatica pain, asthma, constipation, and constant fatigue plagued me. I had to rely on powerful pain and anti-inflammatory medication. Doctors told me I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was a pre-diabetic.

I had to make a choice to remain sick or be healthy.  So, I decided to change my habits and learned as much as I could about Whole Food Plant-Based and gluten free diets. I also started taking powdered produce in a capsule that flooded my body with 30 fruits and vegetables every day. I notice changes.


Now I no longer have sciatica pain or asthma. I’m regular and have more energy.  All my blood levels are normal. I have been where you are.  And, I can get you to where you want to be. 

My Roots

I live in the Northern Liberties section of the city. I am a native Philadelphia and completed my undergraduate work, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business at the University of Phoenix. I next studied and became a Certified Food over Medicine Instructor and work with a functional food company.  And now, as a graduate of Rouxbe Cooking School’s Culinary Program, I am proud to be a Whole Food Plant-Based Chef.

I know I can help people eat healthier.

Karen Carlisle is Chef K!  I’m not a fly-by-night chef. Founded on the idea that cooking is an art form, I bring this “to the table!”  We educate you on what healthier eating is through coaching and lifestyle changes.  We are more than just cooking class. We have a lot of fun! From beginner to advanced cooking classes, I welcome you to take this journey towards a new healthier way to eat and cook.  Yes, there is a kind of leap of faith required, but believe me you’re going to love it!  Join me and see what we can create together. 

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